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Hugo Boss Trunk 3P Power 50475274 - 487

Hugo Boss Trunk 3P Power 50475274 - 487

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The Hugo Boss Trunk 3P Power refers to a pack of three boxer briefs offered by Hugo Boss. Boxer briefs are a popular style of men's underwear that provide a combination of coverage, support, and comfort.

The Trunk 3P Power pack typically includes three boxer briefs in various colors or a set of three boxer briefs in the same color. They are often made from a blend of high-quality materials such as cotton and elastane, which offer a soft and stretchy fit.

The "Power" in the product name may indicate that these boxer briefs are designed with added support or features such as a supportive pouch or a performance-oriented design.

Hugo Boss is known for its attention to detail and stylish designs, so the Trunk 3P Power boxers are likely to feature a modern and sophisticated look, often with an elastic waistband that displays the Hugo Boss logo or branding.

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